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Focus On: Port Blocking Workshop Now Available!

June 23, 2021

UBC has a significant internet footprint with a large number of exposed services and systems accessible from outside our network.

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Privacy & Information Security Training for IT Professionals

June 10, 2021

Privacy & Information Security Training for IT Professionals is now available.

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June Focus On: Workshop Just Announced!

May 28, 2021

Shift Left From Wherever You Are

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Malware Protection Rightsizing Workshop for Technical Staff

May 19, 2021

This session focused on an overview of the CrowdStrike Rightsizing initiative. Details covered include CrowdStrike vs. Cisco AMP for workstations, the timing of the migration, and support and resources available for the migration.

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Extension of the External Email Security Warning Tag for Students and Alumni

April 08, 2021

To assist students and Alumni to more easily identify phishing emails, on Wednesday 5 May 2021, UBC Cybersecurity and UBC IT Communication & Collaboration Services will be implementing an External Email Security Warning Tag on all UB

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Protect Yourself Against Email Bombing

March 04, 2021

Have you heard of “email bombing”? Email bombing is a tactic used by cybercriminals to distract your attention while they make a fraudulent purchase or financial transaction with an account that has been compromised.

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