Privacy Matters @ UBC

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DPW 2022: How your data is disclosed

January 25, 2022

Can UBC employees disclose personal information to other employees? How about a student’s parents? Or the police?

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DPW 2022: How your data is collected

January 24, 2022

No doubt you’re accustomed to being asked for your consent to the collection of your personal information. That’s because the private-sector privacy laws that cover businesses and other private organizations are based on consent.

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Why does privacy matter?

Privacy and information security is one of UBC’s top priorities

Information sharing is so common today that it is understandable for people to become complacent about privacy and information security. Yet, everyone has the right to expect their personal information to remain safe and secure.

At UBC, we are responsible for substantial amounts of personal information about students, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors. Protecting this information is everyone's responsibility.

By taking the first simple steps to stay secure, you can make a big impact on privacy and information security, both at home and at UBC.

Stay Secure

Privacy and information security at UBC is a shared responsibility. Empower yourself to stay safe online and learn how to protect yourself, your family, your colleagues, and our students from being involved in an information security breach.