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Protect my personal information and stay safe online

Small actions make a big impact

You can help keep UBC secure

Privacy and information security at UBC is a shared responsibility. Empower yourself to stay safe online and learn how to protect yourself, your family, your colleagues, and our students from being involved in an information security breach.

Encrypt my Computer or Mobile Devices

Learn why encryption is the most effective way to keep personal information safe.

Learn about personal information

Learn why protecting personal information is essential at UBC.

Protect my passwords

Learn how to protect yourself when creating and using passwords.

Work remotely

Learn how to stay secure when working from home or in public.

Transfer and share information

Learn how to safely send sensitive information as per UBC policies and guidelines.

Recognize phishing & spam emails

Learn the common characteristics of email scams attempting to steal your information.

Report an incident

Report a privacy or information security incident.

Backup files on my computer

Learn how to backup data to avoid losing important files.

Travel with Electronics

Security tips for traveling abroad with mobile devices.

Recognize Spear Phishing Emails

Learn how to recognize targeted spear phishing emails.

Freedom of Information Requests

Learn about FIPPA and FOI requests, and understand your responsibilities relating to them.

Managing Records & Information

Learn about the best practices for managing paper and electronic records.