PIA Guidelines & Tools

PIA Guidelines & Tools

PIA Guidelines

Guidelines have been developed for the UBC community to build awareness about the PIA process and to more effectively manage PIA Requests. These guidelines outline expected use of standard services and tools, and explain how to comply with FIPPA requirements and the Information Security Standards.

Event Registration and Shopping Cart Tools

These tools are used for event signup and to provide a platform to make items available for purchase.
Tools covered: ePly-ePayment, UBC ePayment.

Survey Tools

These tools are used to efficiently collect and analyze information.
Tools covered: Qualtrics.

Mass E-Mail Tools

These tools facilitate communication with large numbers of users.
Tools covered: CyberImpact, Envoke, UBC Sendy (USEND).

Collaboration Tools

These tools facilitate collaboration between users.
Tools covered: MS Teams, Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate.

Generative AI Tools

These tools are used to generate new text, images, or other media based on existing data by using machine learning components and algorithms.
Tools covered: ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, DALL-E.

Risk Assessments & Tools

The following tools may be required to support custom risk assessments in emerging or prevalent risk areas to help the University better understand and mitigate privacy and information security risks.

Please refer to the Privacy Matters Resources for more information.