Fundamentals Training

Fundamentals Training

The fundamental knowledge we all need to protect the privacy & information security of the UBC community

About the Training

Why is training on privacy & information security so important?
Nearly every UBC faculty and staff member has access to Confidential Information, including personal and payment card data. As the loss or disclosure of this information could be very harmful, it’s important for you to know how to protect it.

Who should take the training?
Faculty, staff, researchers, teaching assistants and other members of the UBC community who deal with sensitive, confidential or personal information should take this training to understand the information security measures needed to protect private and personal information.

How do I get started?
To get started, simply click the "Take the Training" button below.

Topics covered in this training include:

Privacy & Personal Information

Learn to identify personal information, and the most important rules for handling it.

Storage & Encryption of Information

Learn how and where to store confidential information, and when it must be protected by encryption.

Transmission & Sharing of Information

Learn how to securely transmit and share confidential information.

Working Remotely

Learn what precautions you should take to protect confidential information when working away from UBC campus.


Learn how to spot attempts to trick you into giving away confidential information.

General Privacy & Information Security Tips

Empower yourself to stay secure online and keep UBC’s private data safe.

* Please note, the first time you take the training, you will need to enroll by clicking the "Click here to enroll" link after logging in.

How to: Track Training Results

To make tracking easier, the training results are now being imported into the HRMS Management Systems Portal (MSP). Managers can check training completion reports by running a new Query report called: 910_TRAINING_SNAPSHOT

This information is also visible in self-service for individuals (through the course history icon in the MY PD and Learning section) on HRMS. The course is called PRSECF.

Need help? We have created instructions on how to generate a query report to track training results [PDF].

You can view this HRMS bulletin for more information: