Fundamentals Training

Fundamentals Training

The fundamental knowledge we all need to protect the privacy & information security of the UBC community

About the Training

Why is training on privacy & information security so important?
Nearly every UBC faculty and staff member has access to confidential information, including personal and payment card data. As the loss or disclosure of this information could be very harmful, it's important for you to know how to protect it.

Who should take the training?
Privacy and Information Security – Fundamentals training is a mandatory requirement for faculty, staff, researchers, student employees and contractors who use UBC Electronic Information and Systems.

Not sure if this applies to you? View our FAQ to learn what 'UBC Electronic Information and Systems' includes.

How do I get started?
To get started, simply click the "Take the Training Now" button below. (CWL username/password required)

* Please note, the first time you take the training, you will need to enroll by clicking the "Enroll in Course” button.

Note: The Privacy & Information Security - Fundamentals training was recently transitioned to UBC's new Learning Management Platform, Canvas. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please email

Topics covered in this training include:

Privacy & Personal Information

Learn to identify personal information, and the most important rules for handling it.

Storage & Encryption of Information

Learn how and where to store confidential information, and when it must be protected by encryption.

Transmission & Sharing of Information

Learn how to securely transmit and share confidential information.

Working Remotely

Learn what precautions you should take to protect confidential information when working away from UBC campus.


Learn how to spot attempts to trick you into giving away confidential information.

General Privacy & Information Security Tips

Empower yourself to stay secure online and keep UBC’s private data safe.

* Please note, the first time you take the training, you will need to enroll by clicking the "Enroll in Course” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the training consist of and how long does it take?

The online training can take between 20 – 30 minutes. It contains a series of videos and a synopsis of key points, followed by a short quiz to embed your learning. It is recommended that you book some dedicated time to complete the training.

Are there other ways to take training besides online?

Yes. The online training only covers the basic information faculty and staff need to know to protect Confidential Information. UBC offers many other in-person training options on specialized issues around privacy, security, and related issues. If you would like to inquire about group training, please contact to discuss these options.

What is included in 'UBC Electronic Information and Systems'?

UBC Electronic Information is electronic information needed to conduct University Business.

UBC Systems are services, devices, and facilities that are owned, leased or provided by the University, and that are used to store, process or transmit electronic information. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. computers and computer facilities;
  2. computing hardware and equipment;
  3. mobile computing devices such as laptop computers, smartphones, and tablet computers;
  4. electronic storage media such as CDs, USB memory sticks, and portable hard drives;
  5. communications gateways and networks;
  6. email systems;
  7. telephone and other voice systems; and
  8. software.

See UBC's Information Security Standards Glossary

I don’t typically work on a computer during my workday at UBC. Do I still need to take the Privacy and Information Security – Fundamentals training?

Certain segments of the employee population have been excluded from the training requirement on the basis that they have no access to UBC Electronic Information or UBC Systems, or that they have already taken equivalent training. If you don’t know if you are excluded, or if you are an Administrative Head of Unit who wishes to request exclusions of additional employees, you should contact

I understand that the Privacy and Information Security – Fundamentals training is being offered in the Canvas platform. Do I need a special account or registration to access Canvas?

If you are a current UBC faculty, staff, student employee, or contractor you will only need your Campus Wide Log-in (CWL) identity to log-in to Canvas. You can access the online training by following the link at the bottom of this webpage.

How do I inform my supervisor or HR that I’ve successfully completed the Privacy and Information Security – Fundamentals training?

At the end of your online training session, your completion of the training will automatically be logged in the UBC HR system. You will receive an electronic certificate acknowledging your successful completion of the course. Please save a copy for your own records. Your supervisor or designated HR representative may also request a copy.

I completed the Privacy and Information Security – Fundamentals training while it was on Connect, but did not save or print my certificate. Can I get a copy of the certificate now?

Although it is not possible to get an updated copy of your certificate without re-taking the training, you can evidence your completion using the UBC Human Resources system which has recorded all employee completions. Do this by logging into UBC’s Management Systems Portal, and reviewing your "Course History".

How to Track Training Results

Detailed Department Reporting

This ‘Training Snapshot’ report is accessible to HR managers and contains detailed employee training completion information.

Managers can check training completion reports by clicking the button below and running a Query report called: 910_TRAINING_SNAPSHOT.

This information is also visible in self-service for individuals (through the course history icon in the MY PD and Learning section) on HRMS. The course is called PRSECF.

Need Help?
Instructions on how to generate a query report
More Information

Portfolio Reporting

The Fundamentals training dashboard enables self-service monitoring capabilities for authorized users to monitor campus-wide completion statistics, including their own departments and units.

(A CWL username/password is required to authenticate to the dashboard, hosted on the UBC Tableau service.. Access to the portal is restricted to authorized users, including department champions, client service managers, and select administrative heads of unit).