Privacy Matters Champions

Privacy Matters Champions

Improving privacy and information security practices


Join the Privacy Matters Champions Network and Make a Difference!


At UBC, we believe in fostering a community committed to privacy and information security. As stewards of privacy and information security, we invite you to become a part of the Privacy Matters Champions Network!


What is the Privacy Matters Champions Network?

The Privacy Matters Champions Network is a community-driven initiative that empowers faculty and staff to play an active role in promoting privacy and information security within their local units. We're looking for enthusiastic individuals who share our commitment to creating a secure digital environment.


How Can You Be a Privacy Matters Champion?

Being a Privacy Matters Champion is easy and requires no major commitment. By advocating for better privacy and information security practices within your respective unit, you are already a champion! You can also help by incorporating privacy and cybersecurity tips into your team communications, sharing our prepared slides at team meetings, and reporting suspicious emails to Your efforts help create a safer digital environment for everyone.


Join Monthly Online Workshops

As a Champion, you have the flexibility to join the Privacy Matters @ UBC monthly online workshops at your convenience. These workshops provide valuable insights, updates, and discussions on the latest in privacy and information security.             


Access Champions Assets


Our Champions toolkit features top tips PowerPoint slides to append to team agendas, succinct phishing training videos, and readily deployable digital signage files. Empower yourself and your team to navigate the complexities of safeguarding sensitive information through easily digestible resources designed to enhance understanding and adherence to best practices. By sharing these materials, you fortify your knowledge and cultivate a culture of vigilance and responsibility across our institution. Stay ahead of evolving threats and contribute to a safer digital environment.


Ready to Join?

Becoming a Privacy Matters Champion is a rewarding experience that requires minimal effort for maximum impact. Joining the Network is not just about receiving messages; it's about becoming a part of a vibrant community dedicated to championing privacy and information security. As a member, you will be added to the Champions Network shared Teams Channel. This Channel provides you access to an online newsletter, downloadable files, and in-the-moment interaction with the Privacy Matters teams and fellow Champions.

Thank you for your commitment to a secure digital future at UBC.



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