Privacy Matters Champions

Privacy Matters Champions

Improving privacy and information security practices


Program Goal


Working Together

The Privacy Matters Champions Network is comprised of a Leadership Committee and several Local Committees. The Leadership Committee is a combination of IT @ UBC Directors, UBC Cybersecurity and PrISM SRS Managers and team representatives, UBC IT Client Service Managers, and the chair or alternate chair from each Privacy Matters Champions Local Committee. Local Committees have the mandate to advise, assist and make recommendations on privacy and information security policy and procedures to the Leadership Committee, based on feedback from the faculty and staff that they support. The Leadership Committee and Local Committees work together to improve privacy and information security practices across the institution.

A Local Committee Champion can provide in-depth, knowledge of their unit(s) and/or faculty and offer practical suggestions to ensure faculty and staff in their purview have a comprehensive understanding of privacy and information security standards and procedures. Members of the Program meet regularly to identify possible privacy and information security hazards, make recommendations, and follow up on previous incidents.


What makes an ideal Local Committee Champion?

An ideal Champion is a respected person of influence within their unit and/or faculty. This will contribute to a higher reporting percentage in the event of a cybersecurity incident, and greater adoption rates when a new or updated privacy and information security policy is published.

While it is not a requirement for a Champion to have extensive IT or cybersecurity knowledge, they should have at least a basic understanding of Standards U1-U11 of the Information Security Standards

Local Committees serve as the point of contact for the PrISM team and for faculty and staff within their unit, who have questions about privacy and information security-related procedures, policies, and services.

Champions help promote and facilitate PrISM-led community events and information sessions on an ongoing basis.

In the event of a cybersecurity incident, Champions help to distribute communications and timely announcements to faculty and staff within their unit(s).


Nominate a Champion

Help to build engagement and awareness! If you know a team member that you feel would be an excellent representative for your unit or faculty on a Local Committee, or if you would like to volunteer yourself, please complete this brief volunteer form.



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