Focus On: Workshop Series

Focus On: Workshop Series

Ongoing Workshops for the UBC community

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The Privacy and Information Security Management team is proud to offer ongoing Workshops to the UBC community. Each session focuses on a specific privacy and/or security topic, and is presented by subject matter experts of the chosen item.

Topics are chosen based upon community feedback, as well as current news items as they relate to UBC and UBC staff, faculty and researchers.

Improving Incident Response Strategies

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In late 2021 a vulnerability known as Log4Shell was discovered by cybersecurity analysts. The vulnerability left millions of computers - along with popular games and cloud services like Minecraft, Apple iCloud and Amazon Web Services – susceptible to remote attacks from cyber criminals.

We asked Aaron Heck, Senior Manager, Solutions Security and Architecture, to breakdown how the IT @ UBC community reacted to the vulnerability, and what lessons were learned during the mitigation process that will help contribute to improving the response to future, high-impact incidents.

Topics considered in the video are:

  • A brief background of the log4j incident
  • How did it get so pervasive so fast?
  • What was the response from the IT @ UBC community?
  • What lessons were learned from this incident?
  • The importance of responsible disclosure in the context of security at UBC
  • How can we improve the response to future incidents?

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