Special Report: Nation-State Cyber Attacks

Special Report: Nation-State Cyber Attacks

March 18, 2022

The crisis in Ukraine has brought many poignant and sobering realizations to the world at large. One of those realizations is that cyber warfare is now one of the primary tools of the modern global military. This is evidenced by the fact that several news outlets have reported that immediately after the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, suspected Russian-sourced cyber-attacks were observed at an increase of over 800%.

We asked Larry Carson, Associate Director, Information Security Management, to help us breakdown some key tactics and terminology that we may have heard swirling around news coverage recently.

  • What is a nation-state cyber-attack?
  • What is the purpose of cyberwarfare?
  • Are nation-state cyber-attacks really to be feared?
  • What are the implications of such nefarious activities for UBC?
  • What role do faculty and staff at UBC play in preventing a cyber attack on the university?
  • How can faculty and staff utilize their fundamental information security training in their everyday lives?

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